2017 Queensland Weed Symposium, Port Douglas

  • Sugar Wharf | Hope to see you at the 14th Queensland Weed Symposium
  • Port Douglas | Hope to see you at the 14th Queensland Weed Symposium
  • Weed management | Hope to see you at the 14th Queensland Weed Symposium
  • Cape Tribulation | Hope to see you at the 14th Queensland Weed Symposium
  • Weed management | Hope to see you at the 14th Queensland Weed Symposium

Photos from the Symposium are now available. Please click here to view the photos.

The 14th Queensland Weed Symposium

The 14th Queensland Weed Symposium is to be held at The Port Douglas Community Hall, Port Douglas, Australia from 4 - 7 December 2017.

The Symposium theme is “Our place. People, priorities and practice in weed management”.

Our place – weed management is ultimately about place.  Place forms the where and why of the management targets we set, the places we seek to understand and protect and the relationships which are essential to making it happen. Our place is also a play on words as in ‘knowing our place’, where we fit in to the bigger picture, the lessons we learn on the way and how we communicate amongst the weed management community and beyond.

People - weeds are ultimately about people, the things we do and don’t do, what we can live with and what we can’t.

Priorities – effective weed management is a balancing act which relies more and more on clear thought and decision processes. Understanding what we value is an essential part of this process.

Practice - practice in its most literal means exercising the profession of weed management; but it also plays on the idea that practice makes perfect (learning from our mistakes).

You will find the Symposium provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Learn from others about their on-ground challenges and solutions.
  • Hear of new results and products from research organisations and companies.
  • Present your experiences and successes, and
  • Inform policy makers, scientists, extension officers and trainers about your priorities.

No matter what your involvement, if you are in weed management or weeds impact on your activities, you can benefit from participating in the 14th Queensland Weed Symposium.

Who should attend?

Anyone with a passion to rid our Country of weeds and:

  • Local Government weeds officers, managers and Councillors
  • Government land managers for national parks, main roads, railways, defence estate and other government lands
  • Landcare and Community group members
  • Company and industry organisation staff in the mining, nursery, grazing, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, landscaping, tourism, transport and recreation industries
  • Utility and service provider staff for electricity, water and telecommunications
  • State and Australian Government policy, planning and advisory staff
  • Researchers involved in weed management
  • Weed consultants and contractors
  • Representatives of chemical and equipment manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers
  • Students
  • Traditional Land Owners
  • Landholders

In addition to the formal program, there will be ample time for networking and discussions during breaks and through a social program incorporating a welcome reception, symposium dinner and field trips.