Align and learn from world leading neuroscience specialists

The Mater Centre for Neurosciences Advanced Epilepsy Unit were delighted to host the inaugural Down-Under Stereo-EEG Conference: Fundamentals of Stereo-EEG held from 14-16 October 2019 at W Brisbane, Australia. The Fundamentals of Stereo-EEG Conference was a three-day workshop, aimed at epileptologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroscientists and researchers. National and international guest speakers covered the principles of the clinical, anatomical and electrical correlation that underpins Stereo-EEG.

About Mater

As a Catholic not-for-profit ministry of Mercy Partners, Mater brings together their collective expertise and resources across health, education and research to help the community to make better choices about their health, every day.

Through an extensive network of hospitals, health centres and related businesses, a nationally accredited education provider, a world-class medical research institute and philanthropic support, all working together to improve the health of our community.

Mater hospitals have a reputation for world-leading healthcare advances. Collaborating with Mater Research and Mater Education, Mater Health strives to develop new methods, practices and techniques for better patient outcomes. This collaboration means expert clinical teams, and patients, have access to advanced and innovative approaches and resources for the management of illnesses and disease, as well as information about cutting-edge techniques in medical and surgical procedures.

About Mater Centre for Neurosciences Advanced Epilepsy Unit

Mater’s proud neurosciences history began when they opened Queensland’s first neurosurgery department in 1954. Today, Mater maintains a strong commitment through investment into state-of-the-art technology, education and research.

Mater Centre for Neurosciences represents another step forward for neurosciences at Mater and throughout Queensland, and has been designed to meet the specific needs of patients and their families. From one dedicated location, Mater Centre for Neurosciences provides specialist care for stroke, epilepsy, neurosurgery, neurology and spinal surgery.

By working together, the exceptional team of surgeons, physicians, nurses and allied health professionals provide the highest level of care for patients and their loved ones.

Advanced Epilepsy Unit

Mater’s advanced epilepsy unit uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide a comprehensive state-wide program to Queenslanders living with epilepsy who do not respond to anti-epileptic drugs.

The advanced epilepsy unit is a purpose-built epilepsy monitoring unit, using the latest equipment to monitor and analyse brain activity and body movement during a seizure.  The dedicated space includes reading rooms for staff to research, learn and analyse patient test results and scientist rooms to allow staff to monitor electroencephalogram (EEG) testing and video data of patients.

The specialised equipment ensures that patients receive the best treatment for their needs, and allows for faster assessments to determine if they could benefit from surgery.