Down-Under Stereo-EEG Conference would like to thank the conference speakers. 


  • A/Prof Andrew Bleasel

    A/Prof Andrew Bleasel
    Neurologist, Westmead Hospital, University of Sydney

    Andrew Bleasel is a Neurologist at Westmead Hospital and Director of the Epilepsy Unit. He was the President of the Epilepsy Society of Australia, 2010-2012 and remains on the ESA Executive Committee. He has a keen interest in Medical Education. He is the Director of Physician Training at Westmead Hospital. He is Academic Lead, Education and Deputy Head of the Westmead Clinical School, University of Sydney. He teaches throughout South East Asia and Australia.

  • Prof Patrick Chauvel

    Prof Patrick Chauvel
    Neurologist, Cleveland Clinic/Mater

    Prof Chauvel is an internationally renowned researcher and specialist Neurologist and Neurophysiologist. After completing his medical and scientific studies Prof Chauvel joined the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) at the age of 27. He began his work in experimental and later clinical research in approaches of epileptic patients with drug-resistant partial epilepsies. This research was under the mentorship of Professors Jean Talairach and Jean Bancaud —known for their development of stereo-electroencephalography (Stereo-EEG) for epilepsy surgery.
    Prof Chauvel served as the Director of the Stereo-EEG Unit in the Sainte-Anne Hospital Centre in Paris (1986-1990), then Professor and Chairman of Neurology in Rennes (1990-1997) where he formed a first-of-its-kind epilepsy unit incorporating research. Following this, Prof Chauvel moved to Marseille as Professor and Chairman of Clinical Neurophysiology and Director of the INSERM Institute of Systems Neuroscience (1997-2014).
    In 2014, he relocated to the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center to promote the development of pre-surgical investigations using Stereo-EEG in North America.
    In 2018, Mater officially welcomed Prof Chauvel as Professorial Research Fellow at Mater Research. 


  • Dr Mark Dexter

    Dr Mark Dexter
    Neurosurgeon, Westmead Hospital

    Mark Dexter is the head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Westmead Adult and Westmead Children’s Hospitals. He is a past president of the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia. He is the primary neurosurgeon in the surgical epilepsy program at both hospitals. He has a strong interest in invasive electrode evaluations initially with subdural grids but more recently with SEEG.

  • Dr Sasha Dionisio

    Dr Sasha Dionisio
    Neurologist, Mater Centre for Neurosciences

    Dr Sasha Dionisio is head of the advanced epilepsy unit at Mater Centre for Neurosciences. Dr Dionisio attended medical school in Ireland (Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin), prior to moving to Australia to continue his training in Neurology. He spent two years training in Sydney, then moved to Brisbane to finish his last 2 years of neurology training at the Royal Brisbane and Princess Alexandra Hospitals.
    Dr Dionisio was successful at obtaining a place as a clinical fellow at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Centre (Ohio, USA), where he spent two years. He was chief epilepsy fellow during his second year. In Cleveland, Dr Dionisio was trained in all aspects of advanced epilepsy care, including surgical epilepsy assessment and understanding of the Stereo-EEG methodology and interpretation. 
    Dr Dionisio is trained in cortical stimulation, intra-operative mapping and has research in Cortico-cortical evoked potentials (CCEPs) and time frequency analysis of cerebral signals. As a fond resident of Brisbane, he returned to better serve epilepsy patients in Queensland.


  • Dr Rod Duncan

    Dr Rod Duncan
    Neurologist, University of Otago

    I am a consultant neurologist and Associate Professor of Neurology at the University of Otago.

    I trained in medicine in Aberdeen, Scotland. After my houseman year, I spent three years working for British Antarctic Survey, during which I wrote an MD thesis on Energy Balance and Cold Stress in Polar Travellers. I then spent 6 months as a flying doctor on the North Sea, then returned to Aberdeen to train in general internal medicine. I trained in neurology in Glasgow and in Rennes (France). I finished my neurosciences PhD and became a consultant in 1993.

    I have special expertise in epilepsy, with extensive research records in brain blood flow during seizures and psychogenic seizures. Early in my consultant career, I began work at the Scottish Epilepsy Centre, which I directed, a residential assessment centre for difficult epilepsies and diagnostic problems. I led a programme for epilepsy surgery for many years, becoming chairman of the Scottish Managed Surgical Network for Epilepsy. I pioneered the use of stereotactic intracranial EEG recordings in the UK. I developed a large multidisciplinary service for psychogenic seizures. I was director of neurosciences for the west of Scotland for three years. I have published 78 research articles, and have 208 publications in total, mainly on epilepsy and psychogenic seizures.

    I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand with my wife and four children 6 years ago. I cycle, motorcycle, ski, and am engaged in a vain attempt to learn to play the piano.

  • Dr Lisa Gillinder

    Dr Lisa Gillinder
    Neurologist, Mater Centre for Neurosciences

    Lisa Gillinder completed her medical training at the University of Queensland.  She undertook her neurology training in Brisbane and was the first Epilepsy Fellow at the Mater Advanced Epilepsy Unit.  She is a clinician researcher working at the Mater and Princess Alexandra Hospitals with an interest in novel approaches to epilepsy diagnosis and management.  Lisa completed her MPhil in MR Spectroscopy and is currently completing her PhD in defining the diagnostic features of autoimmune epilepsy.  Her work was recently recognised by receipt of awards from the Australian Society for Medical Research and Women in Technology association.  She is also a recipient of the Betty McGrath Fellowship and Brain Foundation Research award.

  • Prof Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Prof Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez

    Prof Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez
    Neurosurgeon, UPMC Epilepsy Center


  • Annett Koenig - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Annett Koenig

    Annett Koenig
    Neurology Physiology Scientist, Mater Centre for Neurosciences


  • Prof Louis Maillard

    Prof Louis Maillard
    Neurologist, Chu Nancy Hospital Central

    Louis Maillard is a neurologist and neurophysiologist, senior consultant at the University Hospital of Nancy and Professor of Neurology at Lorraine University, France. After a residency in Nancy, he did a fellowship in epilepsy and a PhD in Neurosciences under the supervision of Professor Patrick Chauvel in Marseille (Aix Marseille University). He is currently heading the reference center of rare epilepsies and the Patrick Chauvel epilepsy monitoring unit at the University Hospital of Nancy, France. This unit is a tertiary epilepsy center which has been dedicated to the diagnostic and therapeutic management of refractory epilepsy patients, including SEEG and epilepsy surgery since 2005.

    He is also an active member of the cognition and systems neurosciences unit (CNRS, UMR 7039, Lorraine university) whose main research topics are the understanding of visual recognition and langage neural basis, and the interactions between epileptic and cognitive processes. To address these topics, we rely on a multimodal and multidimensional approach including ictal, interictal, pre and post-operative cognitive and behavioural assessment, SEEG, intracerebral and surface evoked potentials (fast visual periodic stimulations), fMRI, electrical cortical stimulation, CCEP, electrical source imaging. Louis Maillard has participated as a tutor and lecturer to numerous SEEG courses in Europe and America and is currently heading the scientific board of the french neurophysiological society. 

  • Prof Riki Matsumoto

    Prof Riki Matsumoto
    Professor and Chair, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

    After subspecialty training  (Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology) in Kyoto University and Cleveland Clinic, I have developed a comprehensive epilepsy surgery program in Kyoto University Hospital with my mentor Prof. Akio Ikeda, and was recently appointed as the Professor and Chair of the Division of Neurology at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine in 2019. My research interests include the clinical functional system mapping by integrating neurophysiological techniques including CCEP, the development of physiologic biomarkers of epileptogenicity, and the clinical/immunologic researches on autoimmune epilepsy.

  • Dr Andrew Neal

    Dr Andrew Neal
    Neurologist, Alfred Hospital, St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Hospital

    I am a consultant neurologist, epileptologist and clinical research fellow from Melbourne, Australia. I have clinical appointments at Alfred Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital.

    Following my Melbourne based epilepsy fellowship I completed a PhD examining clinical and molecular factors associated with tumour associated epilepsy.

    In 2018 I undertook a 12 month SEEG fellowship in Lyon, France. Here I gained particular expertise in radio-frequency thermo-coagulation, quantitative techniques for SEEG signal analysis and SEEG in tuberous sclerosis.

    I’m now helping develop and lead a clinical-research SEEG program at several Melbourne sites.

  • A/Prof Armin Nikpour

    A/Prof Armin Nikpour
    Head of Neurology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

    I graduated from the Medical University of Sydney in 1990. After training in Neurology in Sydney, I completed a two-year fellowship in epilepsy and neurophysiology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and another in PET. I am dual credentialed in Neurology and PET. In 2001 I was appointed as the Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Service and senior staff specialist in PET and in 2016 as Head of Neurology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. My research interests include the application of PET in epilepsy, EEG signal analysis, development of dry electrode systems, the comorbidities of epilepsy in memory and mood disorders.

  • Dr Jason Papacostas

    Dr Jason Papacostas
    Neurosurgeon, Mater Centre for Neurosciences

    Dr Jason Papacostas trained in neurosurgery in Australia. He undertook further subspecialty training in paediatric neurosurgery in Brisbane, before travelling to North America and undertaking fellowships in epilepsy surgery and endoscopic skull base surgery at Foothills Hospital, Canada.

    Dr Papacostas’ special interest areas include minimally invasive skull base surgery, awake cranial neurosurgery and epilepsy surgery. He also specialises in paediatric neurosurgery and has in interest in minimally invasive spine.

    Dr Papacostas practices at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane and is also employed as a consultant neurosurgeon at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

    Dr Papacostas consults at Brisbane Clinical Neurosciences Centre (BCNC).

  • A/Prof Nigel Pedersen

    A/Prof Nigel Pedersen
    Neurologist, Emory University School of Medicine

    I am an academic epileptologist with sub-specialization and primary effort in pre-surgical planning, intracranial EEG and stimulation studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I undertook post-doctoral research and clinical training at Harvard Medical School and was on faculty at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center before being recruited to Emory University. Overall, my laboratory studies the translational systems neuroscience of epilepsy, large scale brain circuits, and the therapeutic potential of modulating large scale networks in epilepsy in both humans and mouse models. Human work includes studying short-latency cortico-cortical evoked potentials (CCEPs) and the role of CCEPs in pre-surgical evaluation, as well as cognitive neuroscience projects. Basic work is examining the relationship between sleep-wake and seizures, including using components of sleep-wake circuits to control brain rhythms and seizure threshold. My present work is supported by the NIH and Woodruff Foundation.

  • Dr Linda Tjoa - Profile Image Coming Soon

    Dr Linda Tjoa

    Dr Linda Tjoa


  • Dr Chong Wong

    Dr Chong Wong
    Neurologist, Westmead Hospital

    Chong Wong completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Sydney. He completed his neurology training in Australia and epilepsy fellowship in Cleveland Clinic, Ohio and has a PhD in the neuroimaging of patients with intractable epilepsy. He is a staff specialist neurologist at Westmead Hospital and The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and participates in ANZAN and ASEPA Epilepsy and EEG teaching courses and SEEG training courses.

  • Dr Martin Wood

    Dr Martin Wood
    Neurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon, Mater

    Dr Martin Wood trained in neurosurgery in Australia before travelling to undertake further subspecialty training in Europe. This consisted of fellowships in skull base neurosurgery in Cambridge, United Kingdom and paediatric neurosurgery in Paris. He is a consultant neurosurgeon at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, Mater Children's Private Brisbane, and Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. 

    Dr Wood’s special interest areas in adult neurosurgery include skull base tumours such as acoustic neuromas and meningiomas, trigeminal neuralgia and minimally invasive surgery of the brain and spine. He also specialises in neurosurgical disorders of childhood, surgery for epilepsy, fetal surgery for spina bifida and spinal neurosurgery.

    Dr Wood consults at Brisbane Clinical Neuroscience Centre.