Dr Sasha Dionisio

Neurologist, Mater Centre for Neurosciences

Dr Sasha Dionisio is head of the advanced epilepsy unit at Mater Centre for Neurosciences. Dr Dionisio attended medical school in Ireland (Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin), prior to moving to Australia to continue his training in Neurology. He spent two years training in Sydney, then moved to Brisbane to finish his last 2 years of neurology training at the Royal Brisbane and Princess Alexandra Hospitals.
Dr Dionisio was successful at obtaining a place as a clinical fellow at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Centre (Ohio, USA), where he spent two years. He was chief epilepsy fellow during his second year. In Cleveland, Dr Dionisio was trained in all aspects of advanced epilepsy care, including surgical epilepsy assessment and understanding of the Stereo-EEG methodology and interpretation. 
Dr Dionisio is trained in cortical stimulation, intra-operative mapping and has research in Cortico-cortical evoked potentials (CCEPs) and time frequency analysis of cerebral signals. As a fond resident of Brisbane, he returned to better serve epilepsy patients in Queensland.


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