Prof Louis Maillard

Neurologist, Chu Nancy Hospital Central

Louis Maillard is a neurologist and neurophysiologist, senior consultant at the University Hospital of Nancy and Professor of Neurology at Lorraine University, France. After a residency in Nancy, he did a fellowship in epilepsy and a PhD in Neurosciences under the supervision of Professor Patrick Chauvel in Marseille (Aix Marseille University). He is currently heading the reference center of rare epilepsies and the Patrick Chauvel epilepsy monitoring unit at the University Hospital of Nancy, France. This unit is a tertiary epilepsy center which has been dedicated to the diagnostic and therapeutic management of refractory epilepsy patients, including SEEG and epilepsy surgery since 2005.

He is also an active member of the cognition and systems neurosciences unit (CNRS, UMR 7039, Lorraine university) whose main research topics are the understanding of visual recognition and langage neural basis, and the interactions between epileptic and cognitive processes. To address these topics, we rely on a multimodal and multidimensional approach including ictal, interictal, pre and post-operative cognitive and behavioural assessment, SEEG, intracerebral and surface evoked potentials (fast visual periodic stimulations), fMRI, electrical cortical stimulation, CCEP, electrical source imaging. Louis Maillard has participated as a tutor and lecturer to numerous SEEG courses in Europe and America and is currently heading the scientific board of the french neurophysiological society. 

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