Temple Healthcare

Temple Healthcare has an unmatched reputation in customer service in Australia.  Coming from a Sleep Diagnostics and Respiratory Monitoring background, we have just signed on to be Australia’s exclusive distributor for Micromed. Micromed is a rapidly growing company with undisputed market leadership for Neurological Diagnostics in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.  They are a full solutions provider for both large hospital installations and physician’s private labs across Digital Electroencephalography (EEG, Video EEG, Stereo EEG), Holter EEG, Evoked Potentials, Electromyography, Intensive Care Neurological Monitoring and Polysomnography, all of them supplied with their own accessories. Temple Healthcare will be supplying the Micromed products with a comprehensive range of consumables from late 2019. We will establish this brand with the same service focussed philosophies that have made us the preferred company for the other customer groups we are associated with. Give us a try, book a trial or ask for a user’s list and talk to some of our existing customers. 



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