Dr Helen Haydon

Research Fellow, Telehealth Consultant, Centre for Online Health, The University of Queensland

Helen works across a range of projects in both the research and consultancy arms of the Centre for Online Health. Her focus is on the effective use of technology to increase access to health interventions (e.g. online psychoeducational tools for carers; telehealth implementation, telemental health and allied health) and increasing health literacy in the community (e.g. dementia knowledge and digital health).  She is particularly interested in using health technology to increase care closer to home for people with dementia and with life-limiting illnesses (e.g. telepalliative care).
Helen’s previous research has focused on: cultural and social influences on addictive behaviours; social media, ageing and mental health; substance use and schizophrenic disorders and; developmental psychology and parenting.  Her PhD examined the cultural, social and psychosocial influences on women’s alcohol-related decision-making.
She is a Registered Psychologist with clinical experience working with a range of issues and diverse populations and has over ten years’ experience teaching and facilitating workshops on psychology and health communication.


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