Dr Sisira Edirippulige

Senior Lecturer, CHSR

Dr Edirippulige is a Senior Lecturer and the Program Director of Digital Health postgraduate programs delivered at the Centre for Online Health. His main professional interests include e-health/telemedicine, and education and training.  In his role as senior academic at the centre, he has been involved in a number significant research projects and the development of a number of education and training programs relating to Telehealth/e-Health/m-Health. 
Over the past 10years, Dr Edirippulige has been involved in a number of research projects conducted within the Centre for Online Health, funded by national and International agencies. 
A number of PhD and Masters projects that Dr Edirippulige has supervised have also produced significant evidence in the field. Dr Edirippulige has published 1 monograph, 12 book chapters and 40 peer reviewed papers. He has presented in over 60 national and international conferences. 


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