Centre for Online Health, The University of Queensland


The Centre for Online Health (COH) is world-renowned for its telehealth expertise and is Australia’s leading academic telehealth centre. Established in 1999, COH is the cornerstone of the recently founded Centre for Health Services Research, Faculty of Medicine, at The University of Queensland. The COH enjoys international recognition for its expertise in telehealth research, clinical service delivery, education and training, and consultancy services. 

As a result of its pragmatic approach and industry focus, the COH receives substantial funding from some of Australia’s largest health care providers and has repeatedly won consultancies commissioned by the state health departments across Australia. As such, the COH has influenced policy and practice across Australia.

The COH team comprises a multidisciplinary team of research translation experts, including academic researchers, clinicians, educators, technicians, engineers and administrators. Together, they pride themselves on delivering solutions to real-world clinical problems. Their mission is to achieve better healthcare and stronger communities through telehealth by:

  • Applying telehealth to address challenges in clinical service delivery; 
  • Seeking, producing and sharing evidence to guide the integration of telehealth into clinical practice and policy; and, 
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating telehealth‐supported models of care to facilitate efficiency, effectiveness and equity in healthcare.

For further information and to find out how the COH can support you, visit https://coh.centre.uq.edu.au/ or contact us:

Web:     coh.centre.uq.edu.au
Email:   enquiries@coh.uq.edu.au
Phone:  +61 7 3176 1685



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