Cisco Systems Australia

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Communications is one of the most significant challenges to improving the delivery of care into our increasingly complex healthcare system. The engagement of individuals and teams, the effective distribution of information and the coordination of resources, are major hurdles that need to be overcome.  Cisco has been working alongside care providers and technologists in the Australian healthcare system to deliver the tools that allow clinicians and managers to reach out and communicate with individuals, to bring together dynamic teams encompassing providers, patients and carers, and to share clinical information in the way the clinician and patient prefers, by voice, video, files or persistent chat.   Our focus is to integrate communications into the workflow of care, removing complexity.  We look to engage the patient and clinician more deeply into the care delivery process, and in doing so, provide better options for more individualised patient centred care.  Go to  and find out more about how Cisco assists in the delivery of care through our collaboration systems.

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