25 MAY - 3 JUNE

We're doing things differently this year!

The time is right to try something new – join us for HCQ TV.

Four episodes, four topics, one focus: working together to make healthcare the best it can be.  

Health Consumers Queensland warmly invites you to log in from wherever you are across Queensland for our inaugural webcast series Sharing Power: Co-design with consumers for impact and equity. This series runs for 4 sessions over 4 days, 25 May – 3 June.  

Join us as we host smart and frank conversations on some of the key topics in consumer partnerships in a world changed by COVID. Our episodes bring together expertise from both sides of partnerships to bring you the latest in best practice and future thinking. 

You are welcome to take part, too: ask a question ahead of time or participate in real time on the day.

Who should tune in?

 Anyone with an interest in improving healthcare in the public or private sector or PHNs.

  • Consumers
  • Carers
  • Executive
  • Board members
  • Community providers
  • Professional associations
  • Policy makers
  • NGOs


Sharing Power

COVID has showed us that a health system with adequate resources for all cannot be taken for granted. The economic consequences of COVID mean that the State and Federal health systems will be forced to get by on less.  Now more than ever, decision-makers need to have the skills, willingness and courage to work shoulder-to-shoulder with consumers to make some difficult decisions By sharing decision-making power, we can together build a health system that is fair, equitable and meets the needs of the people who use the system and those who serve it.  

Impactful consumer partnerships are based on a shared vision, trust, and empowering consumers to shape health services.  Ultimately, they are about sharing power.  A range of barriers stop true partnerships and prevent co-design from being all it could be. What does it take to truly share decision-making power?