Christos Papadopoulos

Christos inherited his dad’s strong community spirit and passion for political action that creates equity, and facilitates community capital and sustainability.

It was a 100-year-old carved Boab tree nut that had brought Chris to Australia, with a wonder to find out about the people that carved it. 

He started his life in Perth, where he became one of the founding members of the WA Nuclear Disarmament Party, which created world history by electing an anti-nuclear Senator.  Then he spent almost nine years with his family traversing Australia meeting people and media, informing about the problems with Nuclear power.

His travel brought him into the Top End, where he had the opportunity to work with community Elders to develop GP facilities and GP housing that allowed for General practice doctors to be employed into communities previously serviced intermittently by fly in doctors. 

It was here he met his wife who was managing a research organisation in indigenous health.

Whisked to Victoria, he worked as stakeholder relations manager in a major public health regulation change, negotiating with Victorian food businesses and the public. 

He then followed with work in consumer rights, where he brought together financially disadvantaged people and utility companies, in an effort to find ways of dealing with consumer debt  in a way that does not leave families destitute. 

The cold and the big city stress were enough for him to move to Brisbane where he produced videos relating to mental health, worked in developing policy, procedures and complaints management, ending his working career as a senior Tribunal manager relating to Indigenous affairs.

He is passionate about the value of health consumers in all the stages of Health services and policy and would like to see consumer involvement in other areas of government such as Centrelink as a way of nullifying departmental decisions that inflict trauma on the most disadvantaged in our society.

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