Harpreet Kalsi

Harpreet Kalsi is of Indian heritage and was born in Kenya. She has worked with marginalised communities in Australia and abroad specialising in health, wellbeing and developing creative and innovative projects. Her own family’s experience in dispossession of land and country led her to a strong affinity for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. She is also a passionate advocate about improving end of life and aged care in Australia and also works as an end of life doula.

Harpreet’s passion to advocate and work in end of life care commenced after supporting her family care for her mother during her final months. Her own experience in losing a baby and supporting those around her who have recently lost loved ones from cancer, dementia and old age has further driven her to work for better care for all approaching end of life.

Harpreet is a consumer representative for Clinical Excellence Queensland and is on a number of Care at End of Life working groups, along with being a Consumer Representative for Palliative Care Australia and Director at Aboriginal Social Change Agency – Cox Inall Ridgeway. She holds a MA in Conflict Resolution. 

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