John Anderson

What do you have when you add together:
• An Aboriginal Elder with a blend of husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, cousin, and son roles.
• Three formal tertiary qualifications across engineering, social science and communications plus vocational certificate in training and assessment.
• Liberal sprinkling of volunteer roles in diverse organisations including health, disability sports, community services, child and family protection, fundraising and advocacy.
• Key Ministerial appointments and advisory roles in health, education, arts, social justice, crime and corruption.
• Two parts musician/sports and pain relief plus traditional old-style Hawaiian massage therapist glazed with tropical rainforest and desert scrub therapies.
• Fifteen years of small business ownership coupled with 30 years in government at senior levels.
• A personable and likable disposition with wide-ranging knowledge and experiences polished through the lens of a skilled negotiator, facilitator, mediator, and respectful thought leader who thrives on chaos while relishing order?

A Critical Friend… who’ll diplomatically unpick the Emperor’s new clothes in favour of truth ‘towelling’, challenge thinking when growth and creativity is needed, and who’ll be the sounding board of ethics, harmonics and diviner of consistency and authenticity.

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