World Hospital Congress Posters

The following posters will be presented at the exhibition of the World Hospital Congress, within the following streams:

  1. From Volume to Value
  2. From Four Walls to the Neighbourhood
  3. From Information to Intelligence

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From Volume to Value

1. Developing patient safety system through applying World Health Organization tool: enriching experience from Oman
Samra Salim Al Barwani, Director Patient Safety & Risk Management, MoH, Oman
Safana Salim Mohammed Al Saidi, Head Section of Quality Research, MoH, Oman

2. Transforming a mental health unit, a step by step approach
Kylie Beaver, West Moreton Hospital and Health Service, Australia
Ankur Gupta, West Moreton Health Service

3. Implementing PREMs (Patient Reported Experience Measures) & PROMs (Patient Related Outcome Measures) for enhancing quality of experience & outcome capture
Sunanda Bhattacharya, The Mission Hospital, Durgapur, India

4. Is this a new procedure or a variation? Usability testing of a checklist to identify surgical innovation
Dr Kate Churruca, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Macquarie University, Australia

5. Improving Hospital Services Quality in Indonesia, Can It Be?
Wasista Budiwaluyo, PERSI (Indonesian Hospital Association), Indonesia

6. A pilot nursing service in Primary Health Care - Integrated Family Medicine Nurse Clinic
Yin-Ling Chan, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

7. Applying lean processes to shorten the time and steps involved in new employees’ reporting for duty in a medical center in central Taiwan
Tsung-Hung Chang, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

8. Development and implementation of a three-tier pre-admission clinic service program facilitates day surgery and enhances recovery after surgery (“ERAS”)
Hung-Kai Cheng, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

9. Enhancement Program on Bedside Procedure Safety in Respiratory Medicine Wards & Special Accommodation Ward
Kit Wai Shirley Chow, Ruttonjee & Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals, Hong Kong

10. The Future of Chronic Disease Management - Heart Failure Management in the Asia Pacific Region
Scott Dunlop, Pathfinder, Cardiac & Vascular Group, ANZ, Medtronic Australasia, Australia

11. Sustainability of value based care
Tiffany Best, Children’s Health Queensland, Australia

12. The economic benefits of palliative care and end-of-life care in hospital: the ‘value’ in a good death.
Kelly Gourlay, Palliative Care Australia, Australia

13. Improvement of Tracking Completion Rate in Cases with Positive Result of Breast Cancer Screening
Yun-chin Huang, Saint Paul’s Hospital, Taiwan

14. Disease Oriented Electronic Health Record (DOEHR) as an informatics tool integrating clinical processes with multi-level healthcare providers.
Santiago Alberto Iriso Osorio, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Spain

15. Integration of Accreditation Standards and Lean Management in Hospital Management in the Age of National Health Insurance
Rina Jayanti, PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta Hospital, Indonesia
Wiyati Dwi Handayani, PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta Hospital, Indonesia

16. Trigger System
Kitenge Kalenga, Scottish Livingstone Hospital, Botswana
Tsholofelo Johane, Scottish Livingston Hospital, Botswana

17. Using healthcare failure mode and effect analysis to reduce the incidence of complications after day surgery
Chia-ling Ku, Kaohsiung Municipal Hsiaokang Hospital, Taiwan

18. Care bundles of scabies outbreak: the quality improvement project in RCW of a regional teaching hospital in Eastern Taiwan
Hui-hsin Lin, Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital, Taiwan

19. The effect of nutrition support therapy on clinical outcomes in critical illness patients with different BMI.
Shiyu Liu, Tzu-Chi Hospital, Taiwan

20. What benefit can we gain? A transformation from paper-based to electronic medical record at Cilandak Health Centre
Luigi Luigi, Primay Health Care Cilandak, Indonesia

21. Operations Management Analysis in The Gap between INA-CBGs and Hospital Tariffs in Ventilator-Assisted NICU Patients in Tarakan Hospital Jakarta
Laharsa Madison, Special Region of Capital Jakarta Health Agency, Indonesia

22. The Economic Burden of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs): A Literature Review
Deb Mathews, Synthetic Biologics, Inc., United States
Trudi Delk, Synthetic Biologics, Inc., United States

23. Service Manager: a unique enabler for improved clinical access and patient journey
Kristin Miller, Mater Health, Australia

24. Placing Patients First: the Continuous Improvement in Care (CIC) – Cancer Project
Lesley Millar, Cancer and Palliative Care Research and Evaluation Unit (CaPCREU)
University of Western Australia, Australia

25. Improve Patient Experience in General Outpatient Clinics
Pik Har Cheung, Ward Manager, Hospital Authority Hong Kong, Hong Kong

26. Person-centered Outcome Measure in GDH – The Pilot Use of Goal Attainment Scale
Yvonne Po, Ruttonjee & Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals, Hong Kong

27. Putting health care back into residential aged care
Daniel Prentice, Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union, Australia

28. Do Hospital Reforms Work? A summary of evidence from the UK and Australian Hospital Reforms.
Sandeep Reddy, Deakin University, Australia

29. Anesthesia’s team outside of the operating room: Innovation in advanced management model
Montserrat Sanclemente Dalmau, Fundació Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Martorell, Spain

30. Elder Friendly Area in Emergency Department to improve Urgent Care for older people with frailty
Montserrat Serés Roig, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Spain

31. Reducing unwarranted clinical variation: implications for its rigorous measurement
Kim Sutherland, Specialist Advisor, NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation, Australia

32. Improving healthcare quality through implementing mandatory social health insurance system in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Zarina Temekova, The Republican Center for Healthcare Development, Kazakhstan

33. The Value of Choosing Wisely
Jessica Toleman, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Australia

34. Model Framework for Valuing Therapeutic Interventions that Prevent Antibiotic-Associated C. difficile Infection (CDI)
Vince Wacher, Synthetic Biologics, Inc. United States

35. Early Management of Sepsis Using Guideline Causes Decreasing Mortality and Mobility Rates in a US hospital
Qian Wen, AH<C HealthSystem, United States

36. Analysis Of Hospital Patient Safety Culture Of Awal Bros Batam Hospital Year 2016
Imelda Wijaya, Awal Bros Batam Hospital, Indonesia

37. HO HO HO, off to work we go! Mindfulness: the capacity to improve wellbeing, relationships and performance in the workplace
Lisa-Kim Wright, Gold Coast University Hospital, Australia

38. To report or not, that’s the question
Yuyuan Yu, Puli Christian Hospital, Taiwan

39. Non-contrast Computed Tomography as a More Convenient, Safe, and Cost Efficient Choice of Diagnostic Examination in Comparison with Intravenous Pyelogram.
Putri Yuliani, Awal Bros Batam Hospital, Indonesia

From Four Walls to the Neighbourhood

40. New model of attention in low risk childbirth in Catalonia. Midwifery led unit
Montserrat Batlle Margarit, Fundació Hospital Sant Joan de Déu de Martorell, Spain

41. The strategic alliance Institut Guttmann - university hospital Germans trias i pujol: clinical leadership and systemic commitment with health policies
Montserrat Bernabeu, Institut Guttmann, Spain

42. One Good Street; Supporting Neighbour Initiated Care
Matiu Bush, Bolton Clarke, Australia

43. New network management model in pediatric surgery: The TAULI model.
Cristiana Carod-Perez, Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí, Spain

44. Moving from hospital to home: concepts to reduce unplanned hospital readmission after coronary artery bypass graft surgery.
Lisa Capamagian, Tunstall, Australia

45. One stop solutions: integrated services in sexual and reproductive health
Jill Davidson, SHINE SA, Australia

46. 'Early and Quick': Improving access and quality of care for paediatric patients
Carl De Wet, Gold Coast University, Australia

47. Bridging the Gap between Primary and Tertiary Healthcare Services to Improve Low Back Pain Care
Christine Ferlazzo, Merri Health, Australia

48. Moving Speech Pathology into areas that matter
Jessica Figueira, Speech Pathologist and Project Lead, Sydney Local Health District, Australia

49. Allied Health Sub-acute Rural and Regional Collaborative: transitioning 2 sub-acute
Jennifer Finch, Allied Health Professions' Office of Queensland, Queensland Health, Australia

50. Improving the health services for people of the Republic of Nauru - A medical center in Taiwan
Jia-Ying Gau, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

51. Integration – an essential component in the move towards value-based oral healthcare
Martin Hall, Dental Health Services Victoria, Australia

52. Establish a Referral Platform to Integrate Hospital and Primary Care.
Shu-wen Huang, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

53. From a Tertiary Cardiology Unit Back to Primary Care
Luke Huang, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Australia

54. The First Ebola Virus Disease Survivor to Deliver a Full-Term Baby and Ebola Management in the United States
Rachele Hwong, AHMC Healthcare, United States

55. Collaboration inspiring integration - Outcomes and learnings from Better Health North East Melbourne (BHNEM) Living Well Collaboration Stage 1: Explore
Joanne Kenny, Austin Health, Australia

56. Health industries: An applied health workforce, research and education partnership
Debra Kiegaldie, Holmesglen Institute & Healthscope Hospitals Australia, Australia

57. Medicines Line: Filling the information gaps on benzodiazepine use and deprescribing
Gay Ling Tan, NPS MedicineWise, Australia

58. Development of a system-wide, integrated framework to manage paediatric overweight and obesity
Robyn Littlewood, Centre for Children’s Health Research, Australia

59. Primary Care and NSW Ambulance; working together to put patients first, while reducing unnecessary and avoidable Emergency Department presentations.
Lindsay Mackay, HNECC PHN, Australia

60. Developing and strengthening relationships and describing pathways to improve palliative care
Marika Mackenzie, HNE HealthPathways Program Manager, Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network, Australia

61. Strengthening pharmacists’ involvement in pandemic influenza planning, preparedness, and response.
Elizabeth McCourt, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

62. The evolution of Allied Health: towards trans-disciplinary care, 7 days a week, within then beyond the four hospital walls.
Doug Murtagh, Toowoomba Hospital/Queensland Health, Australia

63. The role of nursing in community linkage of people with severe menthal disorder in a penitentiary center
Aitor Olive, Parc Sanitari Sant Joan De Deu, Spain

64. Numancia, from a manicomial center to a neighborhood of a metropolis. Strategic Alliance Hospital Provincial Clinic and Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu
Ignasi Riera, Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu ( Saint John of God), Spain

65. Responding to the Syrian and Iraqi Crisis – A Local Refugee Health Partnership to Build an Integrated Care Response
Leeanne Schmidt, Metro South Refugee Health Service, Metro South Health, Australia

66. Hospital integration between 2 territories Alt Penedès and Garraf. 1+1>2
Rosa Simón, Conosrci Sanitari del Garraf, Spain

67. Achieving behaviour change: How a Queensland, regional community is shaping up and inspiring tribes to tackle obesity/type 2 diabetes
Robert Simpson, Mackay Institute of Research and Innovation, Australia

68. Dynamics of Peer Learning in Medical Department — Journal and Case sharing Club
Gary Tong Yun Chow, Ruttonjee & Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

69. Making triage everyone’s business - implementing cross-sector behaviour change to ensure appropriate patient referral to Queensland Specialist Outpatient clinics
Liz Travers, Clinical Excellence Division, Healthcare Improvement Unit, Australia
Jon Harper, Central Queensland Wide Bay Sunshine Coast PHN, Australia

70. Reducing the incidence of in-patient falls in a neurosurgical ward
Yi-Wen Wang, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

71. Cherbourg Indigenous Antenatal Ultrasound - Moving it local to improve attendance rates
Margaret Wedge, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Australia

72. Medicines shortages in Australian hospitals and their impact on patient care
Kristin Michaels, The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia, Australia

73. The Model of the Future Integrative Health Care Delivery of Inherited Metabolic Disease in Taiwan
Ya-Fang Zeng, Yonglin Healthcare Foundation, Taiwan

From Information to Intelligence

74. Using Data Science to address two major problems in hospital daily practice: readmissions and days to discharge
Jordi Altes, Hospital Plató, Spain

75. A Study of Efficiency Management in Public Hospital Services
Ajit Arulambalam, HealthShare, New Zealand

76. Using multi-criteria decision analysis to determine hospital investment for innovation
Robin Blythe, AusHSI, Australia

77. Patient Flow Analysis - delivering improved health outcomes
Sankalp Khanna, CSIRO, Australia

78. Assessing emergency department performance: From simple metrics towards integrated measures of activity and timeliness
Renee Carter, Bureau of Health Information Australia

79. Hospital Management in 2020: the concept and prototype of iCommand center
Wei Cheng Weng, Yonglin Healthcare Foundation, Taiwan

80. Five moments on Patient Identification
Man Chung Hal Cheung, Ruttonjee and Tang Shiu Kin Hospital, Hong Kong

82. The influence of national cultural values on health care system performance
Dr Kate Churruca, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Macquarie University, Australia

83. The Study of Emergency Decision-Making of Cancer Hospital Evacuation Plan in Conjunction with BIM-based Virtual Reality System Integration
Peichi Ho, YongLin Healthcare Foundation, Taiwan

84. Design Flexibility and Adaptability Inside Hospitals: a Study of Available Methods
Harm Hollander, Conrad Gargett, Australia

85. Integration of Ventilator Data in Healthcare Clouds
Shu-Chen Hsing, Chi-Mei Medical Centre, Taiwan

86. Working smarter not harder: using IT systems to monitor longitudinal variation in pressure injury incidence in residential aged care
Mikaela Jorgensen, Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research, Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University, Australia

87. Leveraging on a National Performance Management Initiative: National University Hospital’s (NUH) Journey of Improving its “Indicators of Concern”
Donna Joy Penanueva, National University Hospital, Singapore

88. Preference and Priority Study of Mobile Application Features in Hospital Service for Prospective Patients and Their Caregiver
Wenang Lanisy, Master in Hospital Management Program - Health Policy and Management Department, Public Health Program, Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

89. SMART TEL (Telephone Enquiry Logistic) – SOPD Communication System in HK
Yin Ling Wong, Hospital Authority – UCH, Hong Kong

90. Leveraging Entrepreneur Networks to Achieve Digital Maturity: Fostering Digital Innovation Supporting the Delivery of Care
Kate Liebelt, Supply Chain and Precision Health Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP, United States of America
Ryan McFarlane, Director, Deloitte Consulting, Australia

91. Use of Health Information Aiming at Medical Expense Reduction with Improvement of Medical Service Quality and Management
Rie Misawa, National Hospital Organization Shinshu Ueda Medical Center, Japan

93. The development of hospital performance indicators: The case of SINHA, the first (and only) system of hospital indicators in Brazil
Martha Oliveira, Executive director, Anahp – National Association of Private Hospitals, Brazil

94. Preparing for a technology change: case study of a private hospital in East Africa
Joan Osoro-Mbui, The Nairobi Hospital, Kenya

95. Validation of Contemporary Automated Translation Services (CATS)
Travis Pearson, Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Australia

96. Establishment of Medical Oncology Tele-Trials in Queensland Project
Melanie Poxton, Queensland Health, Australia

97. Estimtrack: More than an App
Noemi Pou, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Spain

98. Utilization of CCTV in Improving Nurses’ Compliance on Hand Hygiene in Cempaka Inpatient Room, Budhi Asih Hospital Jakarta
Ahijrah Ramadhanti, Health Department Provincial of Jakarta, Indonesia

99. Innovative design for quality improvement in patient flow, waiting period, and workforce utilisation using data informed decision making
Shalomie Shadrach, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Australia

100. Evaluation of Computerized Prescribing Order Entry (CPOE) Implementation in Preventing Medication Error
Djamilah Tabusalla, RSUPN Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM) Kencana, Indonesia

101. Medicine Information Provision through Social Media: An Innovative Method of Increasing Public Access to Quality Information about Medicines in Australia
Chadi Tahan, NPS MedicineWise, Australia

102. Predict the Results of Conservative Therapy for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis-- Data Mining Technology Using
Li-Ping Tseng, St. Martin De Porress Hospital, Taiwan

103. Conjugal between Hospital Services and m-Health: delusion or opportunity?
Marlien Varnfield, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO, Australia

104. Improvement of the efficiency of electronic medical record signature
Jia-Min Wu, Tungs' Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, Taiwan

105. Value Creation of My Health Bank in Taiwan National Health Insurance
Yu-Hua Yan, Tainan Municipal Hospital (Managed by Show Chwan Medical Care Corporation), Taiwan

106. Develop a new trauma score for trauma triage in Emergency Department of PYNEH
Margaret Yuen, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hosptial / Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Hong Kong