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Innovate | Integrate | Inspire - How can healthcare evolve to meet 21st century demands?

Globally health systems are in transition. Impacts of new technology, changing demographics and disease profiles, funding pressures, new models of care and more are driving transformation. So how at this critical point do we harness the benefits and overcome the obstacles? The World Hospital Congress 2018 will inspire you with the journey to date and the opportunities for the future to come.

Day 1 - From volume to value

A global movement is underway to change the focus of hospitals and health organisations from volume of services and activities to the value of the outcomes achieved. Join discussions on value-focused care, patient reported outcome and experience measures, transparency in reporting, preparing for transformational change and achieving funding value.

Day 2 - From four walls to the neighbourhood

Hospitals don't exist in a vacuum so how can they be good citizens in the medical neighbourhood where the acute, primary and community care sectors all have a role to play. Discussions will focus on how integrating care can be supported at funding, structural and clinical levels to provide sustainable, appropriate health services and how an integrated approach can provide better health outcomes and sustainable universal health care.

Day 3 - From information to intelligence

The information revolution has provided us with greater capacity than ever before to collect data - from detailed clinical information, to patient flows, we have more information than ever at our fingertips. Transforming that information into intelligence will allow us to deliver more reliable and patient centred care, plan for and deliver services efficiently and effectively and provide new opportunities for collaboration. But how do we achieve this and how are security, privacy, workforce training and other concerns being addressed?