Berna Marcelino, Canada

Provincial Director, Standardization, BC Clinical and Support Services

Berna Marcelino is the Provincial Director of Standardization for BC Clinical and Support Services. Berna leads a diverse group of clinicians in British Columbia’s healthcare supply chain. She is responsible for ensuring that clinical and operational perspective is integrated into procurement processes and product management. In this role, Berna led the development and implementation of several provincial processes including the Provincial Ethical Allocation Framework for Products During Critical Shortages. Berna sponsors the Value Analysis Teams Program in British Columbia, a collaborative approach between the provincial health authorities to arrive at product and service utilization decisions.

Berna has extensive experience in stakeholder engagement and relationship building, hosting provincial conversations that lead to province-wide recommendations on product and services management. Berna’s work also involves establishing early scanning for health innovations, raising awareness and empowering clinical and operational leaders in their decision making as it relates to adoption.

Berna is a registered nurse with over 16 years in healthcare, and has a unique combination of experience in operating room nursing, clinical education, project management, and supply chain.

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