Dr Aiman Iskakova, Kazakhstan

Deputy General Director, Republican Center for Health Development

Aiman Iskakova graduated from Almaty State Medical Institute with a bachelor degree in Pediatrics. She began her career as a clinical resident in the Scientific Center of Pediatrics and Children's Surgery in Almaty.

By 2007 she completed her Ph.D. Following that she became a head of self-supporting department at the same center. After that she had started working in the National Medical Holding, where she worked as a chief manager, then she worked as the head of the structural subdivisions responsible for science, education.

She won the scholarship  of  in the category of "The Scientific internship in the specialty " Pediatric Oncohematology "” in the Medical Center of the University of Pittsburgh, (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). She also repeatedly upgraded her qualifications in Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany. She is an author of 47 scientific publications, 2 methodical recommendations, and she has 2 patents for invention.

She supervises the centers, such as  management, development of education and science, improvement of medical care, rational use of medicines and medical technologies.

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