Dr Ibtesam AlBastaki, United Arab Emirates

Director, Investment and Partnership Department, Dubai Health Authority

Dr. Ibtesam Al Bastaki is currently a Director of investment and partnership at Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and is responsible of development of various Health public and private projects within Emirates of Dubai. In addition to her main role, she also leads advices and guides on the best practices to ensure a proper holistic expansion in health care industries within UAE.

Previously, Dr. Ibtesam Al Bastaki was heading the health strategy and performance team at Prime Minister Office to aim and achieve the UAE vision 2021. Her role at the organization also led to the introduction of the National Key Performance Indicators and the revamping of the federal health strategy.

Dr. Ibtesam’s wealth of expertise also includes with VPS health care a private UAE organization and her roles was to ensure a proper holistic expansion of the group in health care industries within UAE.

In addition, she was involved in Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). She has had the opportunity to be involved in several projects and fundraising projects within her capacity as the Director of Business Development and Projects at the Dubai Health Authority and has had added more financial value to the organization. Moreover, she has been working closely within her community in different health aspects to increase awareness of various ailments prevalent in society. Dr. Al Bastaki is a medical physician and graduated from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI). In 2004, she gained her Arab Board in Family Medicine and went on to secure her Masters in Health Care Management from RCSI. In addition she was enrolled at the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Leadership Program from 2007-2009. Currently she is a scientific chair for International Family Medicine that was launched in February 2014. In addition, she heads the Jury Committee for Special Needs for Her Royal Highness Princess Haya since June 2014.

She has been awarded for Dubai Government Excellence Award for a shared project called ORAT in 2011, the Dubai Government Excellence Award for Distinguished Employee in 2010 and the Sheikh Rashid Award for Scientific Outstanding in 2008.

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