Dr Mohamed El Sahili, Zambia

Chairman, Medland Health Services

Dr. Mohamed El Sahili is the CEO of Fairy Bottling Zambia Limited. He has also been named CEO of SF Holding Group, Fairy Bottling's mother company. The Group also includes Medland Health Services, Pharmaland, The Corner Catering Services, Celine Real Estate.

On May 23rd 2017, Dr. El Sahili was elected Chairperson of LuWSI, an initiative that aims to protect water resources for a healthy environment. Dr. Mohamed El Sahili is a holder of a Medical Diploma as Specialized Anesthesiologist. He is also specialized in Anti-aging.

Dr. El Sahili is passionate of humanitarian causes being a member at LWAH and a cofounder of Kids First Association in Lebanon. He is also the President of CAN For Humanity in Zambia, a Zambian NGO recently awarded at LDE Forum in Johannesburg.

Follow on: Twitter: @moesahili

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