Nagwa Metwally, Egypt

Member of Supreme Council, Egyptian Red Crescent

Nagwa Metwally is a renowned advocate for the World Health Organization’s Patients for Patient Safety (PFPS) program, which aims to incorporate the patient, family and community voice into all levels of health care through engagement and empowerment.

Nagwa has Bachelor and Masters degrees in communication, and has been working in healthcare as a volunteer for nearly 15 years. She currently chairs the Egyptian Red Crescent group dedicated to improving services for patients at Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine Educational Hospital, and other public hospitals. The hospital is the largest in Egypt, with 3,200 overnight beds, 3,200 outpatient beds and 10,000 employees serving 2 million patients annually. 

At Ain Shams, Nagwa was first involved with maternity and gynaecological services, provided to 100 new patients every day. Her efforts with putting patients first served as a model for other hospitals, including the University’s 400-bed Cardiac Surgery Academy. Nagwa was instrumental in implementing the WHO checklist for safe surgery in the Academy, and establishing a group of young doctors to be ‘champions’ of patient safety.

Nagwa has given presentations worldwide on her PFPS experiences, including hand hygiene campaigns, maternity services, ‘operation smile’, patient rights, and most importantly the patient voice. Her advocacy resulted in her appointment 8 years ago to be the first patient representative ever on the Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine’s Hospitals Board.


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