Professor Elizabeth Teisberg, United States of America

Executive Director, Value Institute for Health and Care, Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas

Professor Elizabeth Teisberg, PhD is co-creator of the idea of value-based health care strategy and co-author of Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-based Competition on Results, with Prof. Michael E. Porter. Prof. Teisberg serves as Executive Director of the Value Institute for Health and Care at the new Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas. The Value Institute creates curriculum for transforming strategy, culture and measurement in health care to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. Its translational research puts into practice thought-leading work on value-based health care delivery. The Value Institute also provides leadership for Dell Medical School’s patient outcome measurement.

An internationally recognized author and professor, Dr. Teisberg has won the Wachovia Award for outstanding research, the Frederick S. Morton Award for Leadership, and the Book of the Year Award from the American College of Health Care Executives.

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