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The Zouki Group of Companies upon its formation in 2001 recognized the need to inspire and further challenge the status to improve the non-clinical spaces in the healthcare environment to the benefit of the staff, students, researchers, patients, outpatients, members of the auxiliary and visitors that make up the hospital community.

Inspiring confidence in a sceptical market of the public and private sector and fortifying long term relationships with key personnel of the largest health networks in this country has been the basis of success.

The group has been Impacted by the director’s heritage which seeps into the operation at all levels, including Cuisine, service and quality. Professional generosity and excellence being a priority, offered in kind, which is never compromised.

Service, seasonal rotational menus, innovation in design and strong management the key components, elevating the group to the forefront of national programs such as HACCP Certification, Healthy Choices, implemented ecofriendly systems and working in unification with principal organisations such as Nutrition Australia, to imitate and continuously improve the groups professional status.

This is the Zouki of 2018.


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